Jasmine House Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast: Why Not Miss Staying at One?

Being welcomed by the smell of toast and coffee wafting up your nostrils can give your day a pleasant start. The knowledge that you can be served with and enjoy your favourite morning meal while blissfully reclining in the comfort of your cot only increases your pleasure, as well as the wideness of your smile. These are some of the perks you can get at a certain type of lodging that gives you a warm, homey feeling even though you may be miles away from your own abode.

Here are other reasons why you should stay at a bed and breakfast even at least once in your entire life:

You get personalised service Since the place is smaller, and the rooms are fewer, the innkeeper can attend to your needs more closely. You can even request what kind of meal you would like to have in the morning and have it delivered straight to your room.

You can enjoy more privacy and security As the number of travellers going in and out of the establishment is considerably fewer, it makes the task of monitoring easier for the management (and they could recognise unregistered tenants more readily). The lesser the number of people also helps you keep from being on your toes a lot of the time.

You get a warmer, more intimate ambiance While some are located in urban areas, there are also others that are situated "off the beaten path" or at quieter parts of the city. This affords you some peace and fresher air. In addition, such accommodations are typically (or start as) private residences with chambers to spare for transients; thus, the homey atmosphere still remains and surrounds the guests.

You can make new friends In this mostly informal setting, it is easier to chat amiably with your host (asking about how his or her business began, for example), or even other lodgers. You would certainly enjoy doing so if you are the type who likes to meet people. Who knows, the ones you get to know here may become your lifelong buddies.

Home-made and organic food and more luxurious and unique furnishings are some other distinctions that these kinds of establishments have, when compared with others. Should you decide to spend a day or two at a B&B, do so at friendly ones like Jasmine House.

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